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The Fort is a building type in Pharaoh.

Background Edit

Forts house the city's soldiers. Up to six forts can be built in any city, and each fort can house 16 soldiers.

In order for forts to be filled, they require a functioning Recruiter. Archers can be trained by default, but companies of infantry require weapons made from Weaponsmiths and charioteer companies require chariots made from Chariot Makers. Both may be purchased on certain maps but at great cost. A fully-staffed and supplied recruiter can train a fort-full (16) soldiers in 9 months. Once soldiers are trained, they make their way to an Academy (if one is built) for some combat experience before making their way to their fort.

Soldiers are stationed at forts by default. Left-clicking on them and left clicking anywhere on the map causes them to leave their forts and attempt to move to their new location. However, soldiers slowly suffer morale penalties if they are kept from their forts for too long; it is always best to keep them at forts when they are not needed for fighting. Soldiers returning home from a campaign automatically head back to their forts. Soldiers that have their morale broken also flee back to their forts. Attempting to move panicked soldiers from their forts results in a morale reduction for not just the company, but also every other company. 

Forts are quite expensive and the player is asked if they are sure should they choose to delete one. Deleting a fort causes all soldiers in the fort to die; there is no way to reclaim any weapons or chariots lost this way. Forts destroyed by enemies instantly cause the company they were housing to die. In some cases, it may be better to delete the fort of a badly mauled company, as morale recovers very slowly in Pharaoh and it is faster to have good morale by starting fresh.

Forts do not require road access or employees, and are immune to catching fire or collapse. They have some of the worst impacts on desirability in the game.

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