Festival Square
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Building Information
Allows festivals to improve mood of gods
Technical Information

The Festival Square is a building type in Pharaoh.

General InformationEdit

Festival squares allow cities to hold festivals in honor of the gods. Once held, such festivals temporarily improve a god's mood toward the city, increasing his or her chance of giving blessings (or reducing his or her chance of cursing the city). Festivals cannot be held for gods that are not worshipped in the city.

Festival squares must be placed on a four way intersection with roads heading each direction for two tiles. As they do not have any structural risks, it is possible to place a festival square anywhere on the map with no detriments. Such a strategy is useful for lowering the numbers of intersections a city has. Festival squares are desirable buildings, however, so placing one near housing is beneficial. A festival square connected to the rest of the city sees priests and priestesses, as well as entertainers and scribes, wander in the square. Priests, priestesses, and entertainers do not grant the religion/entertainment benefits they normally provide to housing they pass by when they are on the way to a festival. The walkers heading to the square are only an aesthetic feature and do not contribute to the city's function in any way, though most such walkers also generate some festival-related dialogue when queried.

There are three festival types: Common, Lavish, and Grand. Costs for each are (200+population)/5 for a grand festival, half that for a lavish festival, and half again for a common festival. In addition, grand festivals also use beer. The amount is the cost in debens rounded to the nearest 100 units, with a minimum of 100 units. Regardless of type, only two festivals may be held per year. 

All festivals grant the same benefits. The only difference of lavish and grand festivals from common festivals are that they cost more to hold.

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