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Dunqul Oasis
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Dunqul Oasis is a mission found in Pharaoh. It is the military last mission of the Old Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

Pepy has taken the throne, and awarded your family the status of Chancellor, but it has come with a price.

Centralized authority continues to erode, as local and regional leaders become more powerful. Harvests in some regions are far below normal, and the specter of famine has begun to appear in Egypt. Men-nefer, once a splendid and beautiful city, is beginning to decline. Seers foretell difficult times to come.

Powerful neighbors are moving to take advantage of Egypt's increasing weakness. The outpost at Buhen is under siege from fearless Kushite soldiers sent from Kerma, the largest non-Egyptian city in Africa. The Kush are demanding tribute, and the slightest provocation could lead to an outright attack. Nubia, too, has issued a call to war and is seeking to reclaim lost land.

If Egypt is to survive, you must do what you can to preserve trade routes to keep goods flowing into and out of Egypt. Keep the hard-won trading post at the Selima oasis open. Pepy, anticipating his journey to the afterlife, will make frequent requests for stone to build his pyramid, and other cities, short on food, will seek sustenance from you.

Use your resources carefully. Valuable wood is plentiful at the oasis, but some of the forest must be destroyed to access the limited water supply.

Goals Edit

  • 3,500 Population
  • 20 Culture Rating
  • 20 Prosperity Rating
  • 6 Monument Rating (1 Small Obelisk)
  • 80 Kingdom Rating

Summary Edit

This mission is perhaps the most difficult militarily in the game so far. Funds are limited, and the most lucrative initial export, wood, is inevitably cut off early in the scenario.

The map is of an obstructive design: the oasis (and the only source of ground water) is largely surrounded by rock formations, making it difficult to place large amounts of housing near the water. Hyenas also lurk on the map, causing problems for walkers unless they're dealt with early.

Dunqul faces perhaps the most difficult enemy invasions relative to armies that can be fielded in Pharaoh. Impossible extortion demands are made and when they aren't met, enemy attacks are swift and powerful. Kushites and Bedouins attack from the north, next to the kingdom road, and from the east. The first attack reaches the city just a year after the start of the mission. Blessings from Seth can make a huge difference to the lucky player.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only mission in which the mission's name is not mentioned anywhere in the briefing. This is an error that stems from the developer's being unable to say the name of this location at all.

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