Mission Info
Starting Year
775 CE
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 30000 Strings of Cash
Easy: 20000 Strings of Cash
Normal: 20000 Strings of Cash
Hard: 20000 Strings of Cash
Very Hard: 16000 Strings of Cash
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Dunhuang is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. It is the last mission of the Sui-Tang Dynasties campaign.

Briefing Edit

Just under twenty years ago the disastrous rebellion of the uncouth foreign general An Lushan, adopted son of Imperial consort Yang Guifei, shook the Tang Dynasty to its foundation. Where previously our empire's reach extended far into the Tarim Basin, we have recently been forced to withdraw to defend the homeland. Sure enough, not long after our garrisons departed eastward, the meddlesome Tibetans took advantage of our predicament and moved in.

Meanwhile, An Lushan's rebels advanced on Luoyang and then Chang-an, sacking the proud cities and forcing our royal family to flee ignominiously under cover of darkness. At one point, to make good their escape, the trapped Emperor Xuansong agreed to the execution of Yang Guifei, his cherished consort. He never recovered from this everlasting wrong, and soon died of heartbreak. Suzong, son of Xuanzong, now sits on the Tang throne and has reoccupied Chang-an. Many li to the west, the unruly Tibetans still terrorize our settlements along the Silk Road, leaving a path of ruin in their wake. Their aggressive behavior must be thwarted!

It is your duty to rebuild Dunhuang, fashioning it into a bastion of Tang power. Only thus can we protect the western trade route and its precious caravans, as Tang China's economy depends upon the revenue from this lifeline. The nearby salt marshes can be tapped for precious salt, and iron ore smelted into stout steel weapons. The Tibetans are out there, and they will surely come if they scent [sic] [Do not change this to sense. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] a weakness. Let them come, and let their vile ranks impale themselves recklessly upon the high walls of Dunhuang!

Goals Edit

  • 5 Trading Partners
  • Produce 10 bars of steel in one year
  • Produce 10 canisters of salt in one year
  • Population of 2500

Summary Edit

This last mission of the Tang Dynasty sees the construction of a military outpost in the desert, but the Tibetans will do everything they can to prevent the effort.

Be in no doubt: if you do not have much battle experience, you will struggle in defending Dunhuang from the ever increasing invasions of this mission. There is a walled area provided on this map: keep all your housing within this walled area, but avoid destroying the many trees on this map. For some reason, the map designer did not make any city sell Wood in this map, so if a majority of the trees are destroyed, then it is impossible to win the mission as one of the mission goals requires Wood to be reached.

Early into the mission, there is a gift of Weapons from Changzhou: accept this gift and get prepared to fight, as these Weapons will prove invaluable in fighting the early invasions. The Tibetans are strong enemies and it is imperative that they are not allowed to fight as a large army, as your troops will almost certainly be wiped out. Fight the Tibetans near your Towers, as the archers from the Towers do a high amount of damage and can be the key in winning or losing.

Once the first invasion has passed, grow the city quickly. There are a couple of small invasions, for which your single fort will have no issue in fighting, but there is a very large invasion sooner or later, which will require at least two forts. If you are playing on Very Hard, you'll need some Elite Housing: to conserve funds, don't provide Lacquerware to them, as exports are tight.

There are very limited exports in this mission. Early on, most of your funds will be used just importing Jade to produce Carved Jade, which won't provide much money early on, until the Lanzhou trade route is opened (early on, they will reject any requests for trade). Once the city is thriving and larger, consider exporting goods such as Paper and Salt, which can be locally produced and can pull a tidy profit, as will including the Mint.

Reaching the Trading Partners and Salt goals will be easy enough. The Steel and population goals will take quite some time to reach and you may find that you will have to destroy some of the trees inside the walled area eventually to reach the required population goal.

With the completion of the mission, the Sui-Tang Dynasties campaign is also concluded!

Trivia Edit

  • The lack of any wood imports to offset those players who may unintentionally destroy trees on this map is likely an oversight when the map was created, as destroying every tree on the map makes the mission unwinnable.

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