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Building Information
Engages in maritime trade
Placement Cost
20 80 100 120 150
VE Easy Normal Hard VH
Technical Information
Risk of Fire
Risk of Damage

The Dock is a building type in Pharaoh.

General InformationEdit

Docks are required for cities to trade with other cities by water. They are somewhat more cumbersome to use than land-based trading, as they require maintenance, workers, and careful city planning to work efficiently. Unlike land-based trading, in which traders seek any storage yard that has the good they are looking to buy or is accepting anything they're looking to sell, docks send out two cart pushers to seek the goods the trading ship is selling. In the meantime, the ship that is waiting for the cart pushers to return stays docked, preventing other ships from trading. Therefore, they should ideally be placed close to storage yards that are designated to hold items that waterborne traders are buying and selling, for maximum efficiency.

Having multiple docks can sometimes help, but often leads to bottlenecks and inefficiency due to the poor AI of the trading ships. Very often, the best way to maximize water-based trade is to have a single, highly efficient dock.

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