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Djedu (Pharaoh)
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Djedu is a mission found in Pharaoh.

Briefing Edit

The reigns of Khufu and Khafra have come to an end, and with them so too has the fourth dynasty of Egyptian ruling families. But lady Khentkaues, a distant member of this family, has given birth to a new Pharaoh named 'Userkaf', and so the royal line continues unbroken. With Userkaf begins the fifth dyanasty, an era that promises much change.

Userkaf has decentralized the rule of our country somewhat, and has granted more power to local authorities. Now Nomarchs such as you are free to handle their own affairs. Pharaoh will not attempt the construction of a massive tomb to house him for eternity, for he has another project in mind for you.

Pharaoh has declared Ra, god of the sun and of the kingdom, to be King of the Gods, and intends to proclaim his sovereignty throughout the land. Many Sun Temples already dot the Egyptian landscape, but Pharaoh wishes that the greatest be located at Djedu, in the humid Delta region of Lower Egypt.

Like most of the Delta, Djedu is rich in game, fish and other wildlife and vegetation, but offers few mineral resources. As such, sandstone needed for construction of the Sun Temple will need to be imported from the quarries at the Dunqul Oasis. Cattle may be raised here to provide meat, though the herds require much straw for fodder.

You'll need to clear land in order to create a suitable location for the Sun Temple. Be sure to sell enough of the precious timber you may harvest first, for once it is gone you may not be able to acquire more. Behdet and Abjedu are always in need of wood, and also game, thus trade with them should help to offset the cost of constructing this sacred monument.

Goals Edit

  • 4,500 Population
  • 45 Culture Rating
  • 40 Prosperity Rating
  • 13 Monument Rating (1 Sun Temple)
  • 50 Kingdom Rating

Summary Edit

Djedu has a large amount of floodplains and fish, making it easy to feed the populace. Cattle Ranches may also be built to provide an additional source of food, handily getting rid of excess straw created from grain farms in the process. Birds may also be caught on the south-eastern island for game meat.

A Sun Temple must be constructed at Djedu. It requires a large amount of sandstone, which must in turn be imported.

Economic AnalysisEdit

Exports on this level are plentiful. Djedu is home to one of the largest reed fields in the game, located on the north-west island. This is also where the entry and exit points are located, so it makes sense to start the earliest settlements and papyrus industry there. As a bonus, excess reeds may also be sold; they're not worth much, but they'll give traders something to do after papyrus annual quotas are filled. Thanks to the very large reed fields, reed production is usually near-constant. Unless a very small number of reed gatherers are supporting a very large number of papyrus makers, excess reed production occurs anyway and may as well be exported.

Djedu also has two large forests, and wood may be sold. Harvesting the forest in the south-west corner is more reliable for sale as ships traveling north tend to get stuck in the floodplains.

The mission initially allows only a few trade routes; eventually, other routes open and allow for the purchase of important materials such as barley, while more and more cities become available for greater papyrus and wood exports. Wood, papyrus, beer and barley prices rise over time.

Trivia Edit

  • The mission briefing voice actor says "On" as the source of sandstone, rather than Dunqul Oasis. This is an error that persists throughout the game in which the developers are unable to pronounce the name "Dunqul Oasis" in any mission where the name is used.

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