This is the article on the second mission of Deir el-Medina. If you are looking for the article on similarly named missions, see Deir el-Medina.

Deir el-Medina
Tut in the Valley
Mission Info
Starting Year
1325 BC
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 17000 Db
Easy: ? Db
Normal: ? Db
Hard: ? Db
Very Hard: ? Db
Mission Navigation

Deir el-Medina, referred to as Tut in the Valley, is a mission found in Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile.

Briefing Edit

A terrible tragedy has befallen our beloved young Pharaoh, Tutankhamun! His reign, which once held much promise of glory, has been unmercifully cut short by the hand of fate. It is time for the workers of Deir el-Medina to again prepare an eternal resting chamber for the Pharaoh. With his unexpectedly early death, it is imperative that you compel your workers to exert maximum effort. Tutankhamun's tomb must be fully stocked with provisions for his journey into the afterlife and ready to receive his hallowed remains within a few very short years. Speed is of the utmost importance!

Goals Edit

  • Population of 1500
  • Monument Rating of 22
  • Kingdom Rating of 45

Summary Edit

If you are playing this mission as part of the campaign, this is the first timed mission you will encounter in a number of similar timed missions throughout the expansion, as well as the first mission to include carry over monuments.

Unlike the previous mission, making a large city is not the primary goal: the main goal is to simply build a decent sized settlement to construct the tomb of Tutankhamun and keep peace with the country. This time, the entry point is on the west bank, so you don't need to bother crossing the Nile for any reason. Don't forget to pen in the scorpion spawn points or you could suffer misfortune and slow productivity!

Find a suitable place to build some housing and provide them access with the basics: food, religion and evolve them as high as possible. Although you can import Papyrus, it cannot be distributed to the people, as no educational buildings are available for use here.

As soon as you can, try to make some money. Export choices are extremely low on the ground and all of the available trade routes need to be opened, simply to get all the required goods, both for the people of the city and for the burial provisions required. Try to keep the number of trade routes open small early on, as some trade routes serve no purpose and buy nothing that you can produce.

In terms of city matters, Itjtawy will repeatedly request food every couple of years. This is the easiest way to reach the required Kingdom Rating, especially as they will still boost the rating even if you are late in fulfilling the request. Once the Monument is done, it's a simple matter of having the right population and kingdom before importing all the expensive burial provisions in one go and dispatching before you steep into debt.

Don't forget: this mission is timed. It is important not to spend too much time in planning here and just focus on the task of building the monument. Also remember that the monument can only be placed in one location, so choose wisely!

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