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Dakhla Oasis
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Dakhla Oasis is a mission found in Pharaoh. It is the peaceful last mission of the Old Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

Pepy has taken the throne, and awarded your family the status of Chancellor, but it has come with a price.

Centralized authority continues to erode as local and regional leaders become more powerful. Harvests in some regions are far below normal, and the specter of famine has begun to appear in Egypt. Men-nefer, once a splendid and beautiful city, is beginning to decline. Seers foretell difficult times to come.

Our powerful neighbors are moving to take advantage of our increasing weakness. Our outpost at Buhen is under siege from fearless Kushite soldiers sent from Kerma, the largest non-Egyptian city in Africa. The Kushite are demanding tribute, and the slightest provocation could lead to an outright attack. Nubia, too, has issued a call to war and is seeking to reclaim lost land.

Try to keep Egypt stable by establishing an administrative post at Dakhla Oasis. The oasis has a large stand of valuable trees, but these trees unfortunately block access to the limited water supply at the oasis. From this important location, import ebony from the African interior. Pepy, anticipating his journey to the after-life, will request bricks for the construction of his monument. Other cities, short on food, will request sustenance from you.

Goals Edit

  • 5000 Population
  • 50 Culture Rating
  • 45 Prosperity Rating
  • 6 Monument Rating (1 Small Obelisk)
  • 65 Kingdom Rating

Summary Edit

The mission requires the erection of a small obelisk. The requirement of 5,000 population could cause unemployment problems, but this can be solved by building manors or estates. In particular, Dakhla Oasis is one of the first maps to allow the construction of Palatial Estates. Taxation is very profitable in this mission.

Food is provided in the form of grain from some rather infertile and spread-out meadows, local game meat, and imported ranch meat. While the meadows are infertile, irrigation improves their output greatly.

There are no invasions on this mission, though military buildings may be built, and are useful for dealing with the hyenas on the map.

Economic AnalysisEdit

Dakhla is home to a large amount of trees, which may be cut and exported. Papyrus, linen and beer may also be manufactured and sold, although raw materials must be imported in the first two cases.

There is a small island filled with trees in the north-east quadrant of the oasis; building a bridge there significantly increases the amount of timber woodcutters may harvest. 

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