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The Courthouse is a building type in Pharaoh.

Background Edit

Courthouses generate magistrates, who lower the risk of crime erupting from housing blocks as they patrol the streets. Unlike constables from Police Stations, however, magistrates are powerless to stop criminals on their way to rob the city of its money. Courthouses are also required for modest apartments to evolve to spacious apartments (and all subsequent levels of housing).

Like Tax Collectors, Palaces and Mansions, courthouses store a portion of the city's gold, and are targets for thieves.

Courthouses are susceptible to collapse. They are moderately desirable to live close to.

Police Stations versus CourthousesEdit

For the purposes of reducing crime, the two building types serve an identical function; there are few, if any, cases where both buildings are warranted in the same area. While both buildings serve to reduce the likelihood of crime occurring in an area, police stations and courthouses have some key differences in how they function. Police stations are cheaper, smaller, and require fewer employees to staff than courthouses. In addition, courthouses house some of the city's wealth, and are thus prone to being robbed. Finally, constables can apprehend criminals and fight off wild animals and invaders, while magistrates are powerless to do so. Police stations are thus best used to look after poorer, more dangerous areas of the city.

Courthouses, on the other hand, are required to evolve housing past the level of a modest apartment. They are thus essential for higher-level residential areas (although not at all required for slums).

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