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The Construction Guild is a building type in Pharaoh.

General InformationEdit

Construction guilds facilitate the erection of monuments. As such, they should ideally be located close to monument construction sites.

There are three types of construction guilds: carpenter's guilds, bricklayer guilds, and stonemason's guilds. Bricklayers and stonemasons lay bricks and stones respectively. Once properly staffed, they send random walkers to patrol the streets (which do nothing) and send destination walkers to work at the monuments. Most monuments only need the services of one of the two, but a few (such as the mud-brick pyramid) require both. Due to the vast size of most monuments, many bricks and stones need to be laid, and having multiple bricklayer or stonemason guilds helps facilitate speedy monument construction.

While carpenters' guilds are susceptible to only fire and stonemasons' guilds only to collapse, bricklayers' guilds are at risk to both. They are all extremely undesirable to live next to.


File:Stonemason Guild.png
File:Bricklayer Guild.png

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