Mission Info
Starting Year
1000 CE
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 30000 Strings of Cash
Easy: 20000 Strings of Cash
Normal: 20000 Strings of Cash
Hard: 20000 Strings of Cash
Very Hard: 16000 Strings of Cash
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Chengdu is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

Across the globe, the Western world marks the one-thousandth year of the Christian era. But the West is still engulfed in disarray and bloodshed. It will be hundreds more years until those Dark Ages end.

With the West in chaos, it is here in China that the world's most civilized people live. Our new ruler, Taizong's third son, Zhenzong, makes sure that elegance, leisure, and learning are all cherished and nurtured. Our cities grow quickly, as does our wealth.

Only the Khitan horsemen from the north threaten our idyllic existence ... and yes, seven years into Zhenzong's reign, our capital of Kaifeng is in fact overrun. The court flees, first south to the Yangzi, then upriver to Chengdu.

Chengdu, capital of the isolated Sichuan province, is where you now find yourself, my loyal councilor. Emperor Zhenzong himself is ready to lead the troops to retake Pingyao and Kaifeng. He has made it your job to supply him with an army strong enough to defeat the Khitan. Build your strength quickly, for they will find our temporary capital in this isolated region before long.

This region has great wealth: rice, salt, tea, iron, lacquer, silk and the great Panda bear all make Sichuan their home. The only thing we lack is copper to mint new strings of cash. But the great Song dynasty will not let a copper shortage stop our economy from blossoming like a lotus flower. Therefore, we have decided to print money directly on paper using colored inks. It's a novel idea, one never before tried in this world, but we think it might just have some staying power.

So remember, build your strength; the Khitan will soon be here. Remember that they covet our wealth -- we should consider bribing them with cash or even submitting to them for a time, and paying tribute. Yes, this plan is humiliating, but it will give us time, by satisfying their greed. Confucius teaches us to beware of greed, but these barbarians from the north have no such great scholar from which to learn.

Goals Edit

  • Produce 30 canisters of salt in one year
  • Produce 30 sachets of tea in one year
  • Rule 2 cities
  • Population of 3000

Summary Edit

In this mission, you have to build a temporary new capital for the Emperor and build an army to capture Kaifeng and Pingyao from the Liao Empire.

The land mass of this location is split up by multiple strips of water that divides the areas, making it difficult to build large blocks. The central island in the South, where all immigrants enter from, should be used for your housing blocks, both Common and Elite, as most of the other islands lack the space for any housing and should ideally be used for farming and industry.

This region is also truly lucky. You can grow 5 food types without importing any, and you can grow all three of the Orchards without resorting to imports. With Silk and Lacquerware available in abundance in this mission, making money should not be an issue. If you can't make enough money, use Taxation and the new Money Printer to increase profits, as well as opening trade with the Xia-Xia Empire to import Jade for which you can export to other cities.

The first goal that should be the focus is capturing the two cities of Kaifeng and Pingyao. The briefing alludes to invasions, so a military needs to be set up early to defend against the very strong invasions of the Khitan. You can find abundant quantities of Iron in this area to produce the Steel you need, but you can also import the commodity from a trading partner if you don't plan on using the veins of ore here.

Once Kaifeng and Pingyao have been captured, turn your attention to the production and population goals. The salt flats needed to reach the Salt goal are pretty far from the city and are also very small, so should be produced in limited quantity. You should have no issue producing enough Tea for the similar production goal, as the produced Tea can also be used in assisting for the population target, which is fairly modest considering the size of city needed and which you should probably already have reached by this point.

This mission will probably pass fairly quickly and once complete, you will have succeeded in pushing the Khitan back!

Trivia Edit

  • If you are accidentally made a vassal to the Liao Empire in this mission, there is a strange bug in which capturing cities will not be registered by the game.

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