This is the article on the last Chang-an during the Tang Dynasty. If you are looking for the article on the similarly named mission built during the Sui Dynasty, see Chang-an. For other uses, see Chang-an

Chang-an Sui-Tang
Mission Info
Starting Year
722 CE
Starting Funds
Starting funds are carried forward from previous Chang-an
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Chang-an is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

Welcome back to Chang-an, the bustling capital of the mighty Tang Empire. Over six generations ago, during the reign of the Emperor Wendi of the Sui Dynasty, your hallowed ancestor judiciously planned the streets and laid out the wards of this still-thriving city.

It has now been ten summers since Emperor Xuanzong took power -- after first ridding the Tang courts of the bitter intrigue fostered by the insidious Empress Wu. Already, he has become acclaimed for his humane government, and has firmly reasserted the personal authority of the Emperor, lifting the glorious Tang Empire to new heights of splendor and power.

Sadly, while the Brilliant Emperor has nobly tended to his Empire, the streets of Chang-an have been sorely neglected. Now he yearns for the city to put on a new face and assume its rightful position in the world. As the newly appointed Imperial Magistrate, reporting directly to Emperor Xuanzong, esteemed Son of Heaven, you are to oversee construction of a Grand Palace. You also need to ensure that schools for Drama, and Theatre Pavilions for entertainment, are added to the city's elite wards. Of course, the Emperor understands that some discretionary 'urban renewal' might be necessary.

Goals Edit

  • Large Palace must be built
  • 200 people in Heavenly Compound or better
  • 8 Menagerie Animal Types Required

Summary Edit

In this mission, you are returning to Chang-an as you left it at the beginning of the Sui Dynasty to improve it for Emperor Xuanzong, as he has been neglecting the city.

You will start this mission exactly as it was left previously. If you already prepared ahead of time for this mission, you should not need to do too much to complete the goals. The monument requires a supply of Wood, Clay and Stone to be completed, which can all be found locally in the map.

To reach the Elite Housing goal will require at least eight Elite Houses to be placed on the map. This is best done in two blocks of four houses for the greatest efficiency. You will need to import the Lacquerware to evolve the housing as there are no Lacquerware Makers to be found in this mission.

This mission will probably pass quite quickly. You should already know how to capture and gift animals to reach the goal and there are plenty of desert cities for which you can get the arid climate animals for use in getting animals from other climates.

Trivia Edit

  • If you saved Niya during the previous mission, there will be some requests for Weapons and troops later into the mission.
  • All trading cities who were not previously on the map, with the exception of Sabi and Lhasa, are automatically allied with your city when the mission begins.

Bugs Edit

  • The Liangzhou trade route has a bug in which they may erroneously report that they are being extorted for Salt by reporting a higher than normal import cost, even though the price of Salt has not changed for anyone else. This bug causes their favour with you to change between Apathetic and Sympathetic repeatedly throughout the mission. There is no known solution to this bug.

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