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Byblos is a mission found in Pharaoh.

Briefing Edit

Egypt has emerged from its recent troubles with a newfound strength. Byblos, with all its verdant forests and rich sources of copper, is ours! With your presence, the city is sure to thrive, and a New Kingdom will be established.

Ah, but what an alarming discovery we made after conquering Byblos! A new, ferocious people, the Hittites, have washed over much of Asia, and some even say that their empire rivals our own for size. Now, they have turned their eyes toward Byblos, covetous of its riches. If we are not well prepared for their attack, we could easily lose Byblos to our foe.

While preparing to meet the Hittites, we must mark Byblos as forever Egyptian. With your blessing, O Pharaoh, we shall erect a series of three obelisks, two small and one large, proclaiming your sovereignty and fame throughout the far stretches of your empire. These towering monuments will remind the residents of Byblos with whom their loyalties should lie.

While we occupy ourselves with matters at Byblos, other regions of Egypt are still prone to attack. Nubians have moved north as far as the first cataract, and we must help our compatriots drive them back. Reports from Rowarty tell of another mysterious new foe, the Sea People. Both these enemies must be strongly put down if Egypt is to attain glory. To show your might, be sure to send troops and warships should they be requested.

Goals Edit

Summary Edit

In Byblos, the main enemies are Hittites. The Hittites mainly do land attacks, however there is a large sea attack late in the mission. They usually attack near the hyenas, along the northern side of the map. As the invasions are so large, it may be necessary to fight alongside the walls and towers of the city.

Because wood and copper are domestically made, creating an army for this mission is easy provided that one can survive the first attacks. 

One large and two small obelisks are also required; granite must be imported. 

At the beginning, only the Abu trade route is open, and it doesn't offer good export options. Barring excessively high taxation, gold mines are the only major source of income in the early game, though other routes soon open. 

Copper and wood both become available and are extremely good export options.

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