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Buhen is a mission found in Pharaoh.

Briefing Edit

Our new Pharaoh, Snofru, is determined that this, the fourth dynasty, be remembered as the greatest ever to rule Egypt. Pharaoh wishes that our borders be pushed even further south. He has therefore decreed that we invade Nubia, and establish a fortified city at Buhen, beside the second cataract of the Nile. There you must also erect a granite obelisk, to serve as a beacon that this area forever belongs to Egypt, and to Pharaoh. There is no granite to be found so far south, however, so you will need to import it from Abu.

At Buhen you will encounter fierce and seasoned Nubian warriors, who will fight to the death to prevent us from establishing a foothold so far south. Do not despair, for after rigorous training at a Military Academy, your fighting men may emerge as seasoned veterans themselves. What's more, our military engineers have perfected the design of several defensive structures, such as fortified Towers, Walls and Gatehouses. These will prove invaluable in withstanding the onslaught of the Nubian army. Transport ships may also be employed, to aid in moving your army around by water when necessary.

To the north, we have opened relations with Enkomi, on the island of Cyprus. This land is named for its abundant reserves of copper ore, which we are now able to purchase from them. However, thanks to a recently established Egyptian mining community at Serabit Khadim, in the land of Sinai, we are able to supply our governors with copper at a much more affordable price. Supplies from Serabit Khadim are often erratic, due to unrelenting Bedouin and Canaanite attacks against the settlement, and we are uncertain how much longer the Egyptian forces stationed there can hold out.

Pharaoh's burial place, a unique and spectacular monument, is currently under construction at Dahshur. From time to time Pharaoh may request that you contribute some limestone to aid in the completion of this project.

Goals Edit

  • 3,000 Population
  • 25 Culture Rating
  • 25 Prosperity Rating
  • 9 Monument Rating (1 Small Obelisk)
  • 75 Kingdom Rating

Summary Edit

The map is divided into roughly three parts: the north, which has a small floodplain and some ore-bearing and regular rock formations; the west, which has some ostrich herds, and the south-east, which has some fertile meadows. Though there are some floodplains on the level, floods are sometimes poor, and Osiris can't be worshipped. However, fish and grain may be imported to supplement the city's food stores.

Some gold mines may be established at Buhen to provide income. Barley and beer may be produced and exported; reeds, clay, gemstones and flax may be purchased to produce and export papyrus, pottery, luxury goods, and linen respectively. Pharaoh asks for limestone to supply his construction project in South Dahshur, as well as beer and debens. in return, cities increase the trading volume of granite, and very occasionally gift granite, as well.

The city comes under attack by land constantly after a few years (it is never attacked by sea). The invaders initially come from the north west, then the south-east corner, and finally the south west. Copper may initially be imported for a relatively cheap price from Serabit Khadim, but the city comes under attack at least twice, and both times it requests a military force to save it: at higher difficulties, the second attack is quite strong and requires a large force to defend Serabit Khadim. With the help of Seth's Temple Complex and an Academy (which each boost troop experience by one level) as well as Seth's minor blessing, troops may prevail. Should the city fall, the price for copper and gemstones rise dramatically.

The city requires one small obelisk to be built. The obelisk may only be constructed after gathering 100 blocks of granite, which must be imported.

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