This is the article on the mission in Pharaoh. If you are looking for the article on the similarly named mission in Children of the Nile, see Bubastis.

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Bubastis is a mission found in Pharaoh. It is the peaceful last mission of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

Most royal Pharaoh, with robust trade routes firmly in place, we should now show Egypt what success and wealth can bring. Bubastis provides a perfect location for such a city: we can protect our valuable trade routes to the east while paying homage to Bast, who has watched over Egypt.

Bast's city should be like no other in Egypt. It should be as lovely as the lotus flower, blooming forth with entertainment, schools, libraries and places of worship. Its citizens should be well-supplied with the finer things, including imported incense. When complete, Bubastis will be the jewel in the twin crowns.

While you are building this glorious city, pay heed to the storm rising in the east. The thundering of horses' hooves are heard throughout Canaan, and lightning-quick chariots are laying waste to all in their path. These formidable chariots, the likes of which have never been seen anywhere, are driven by the Hyksos warriors. Already, storm clouds have been spotted on the Egyptian horizon, and you should steel yourself against the impending danger.

Goals Edit

  • 4 Palatial Estates
  • 85 Culture
  • 85 Prosperity
  • 15 Monument
  • 65 Kingdom

Summary Edit

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