Building Information
Produces Bricks
Raw Material(s) Used
Placement Cost
12 48 60 72 90
VE Easy Normal Hard VH
Technical Information
Risk of Fire
Risk of Damage

The Brickworks is a building type in Pharaoh.

General InformationEdit

Brickworks use straw and clay to produce bricks, a construction material used in mastabas and mud-brick pyramids. They are somewhat more complicated to run than other industries due to the fact that they require two raw materials to function. However, as long as they are adequately supplied with both and fully staffed, brickworks should function smoothly. Having nearby storage yards specialized to accept only bricks, clay, and straw can help facilitate brick production.

Brickworks need 100 clay and 25 straw to make 100 units of bricks. Assuming that raw materials are always available, a fully staffed brickworks makes 47% progress on producing 100 units of bricks per month, or 565 bricks on average per year. Without aid or interference from the gods, this means that each brickworks require 1.41 floodplain grain farms (or half this number of meadow grain farms) and 0.74 Clay Pits to produce bricks year-round.

The profitability of bricks depends on the availability of straw and clay. If both need to be imported to produce bricks, then it means traders spend much of the year delivering two raw products to the city rather than other much needed goods; additionally, profit margins would be unremarkable compared to other products. However, if only one is required for importation, then exporting bricks may be profitable. Bricks sell for 120 debens per 100 units, while clay requires 38 debens per 100 units and straw requires 21 debens per unit. As straw has very few uses outside of producing brick on most missions, producing bricks and exporting them are a useful way to getting rid of extra straw.

As with all other industrial buildings, brickworks have a negative effect on desirability and should be placed away from residential areas if possible.

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