Building Information
Produces Beer
Raw Material(s) Used
Placement Cost
15 60 75 90 112
VE Easy Normal Hard VH
Technical Information
Risk of Fire
Risk of Damage

The Brewery is a building type in Pharaoh.

General InformationEdit

Breweries use barley to produce beer, a basic good. The only non-food good that is more essential to housing development is Pottery. In addition to being an essential requirement to upgrade low-level housing, beer is a lucrative export option. Beer is required to hold grand festivals at the Festival Square. Beer is also required for Senet Houses to function. Finally, due to the cheapness of barley and the relatively high price of beer, it is a good export option where available.

Optimal brewery to barley farm ratio is dependent on the productivity of the farm(s). The most a floodplain farm can produce per harvest is 800 units of barley (although this is very optimistic), while a fully fertile barley meadow farm produces 1216 units a year (divided into two harvests). Breweries, in turn, produce around 47% of 100 units of beer per month when fully staffed (565 units per year). This means that one fully grown floodplain barley farm can support 1.41 breweries, and one fully grown meadow barley farm can 2.15 breweries. Having Osiris appeased and building a temple complex in his honor ensures better harvests. His major blessing, for example, doubles the quantity harvested per farm. As harvests only occur a couple of times per year (depending on whether harvests come from meadow or floodplain farms), having breweries far from farms are not necessarily an impediment to beer production (as barley deliveries are very large and only occur occasionally). However, beer production is well-served by placing nearby Storage Yards that specialize in accepting barley and beer.

At 140 debens per 100 units sold, beer is a relatively profitable commodity to produce and sell. This is aided by the fact that the barley required is cheap to buy at 48 debens per 100 units, should the map make barley production unavailable but still allow the producing and exporting of beer.

Like all other industrial buildings, breweries have a negative impact on desirability. They are prone to catching fire.

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