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Building Information
Provides juggling entertainment to surrounding areas
Placement Cost
10 40 50 60 75
VE Easy Normal Hard VH
Technical Information
Risk of Fire
Risk of Damage

The Booth is a building type in Pharaoh.

General InformationEdit

Booths provide a place where jugglers can perform. Booths must be placed at an intersection that has at least one tile of road pointing in two non-opposite directions each. Once properly staffed with a juggler, the booth itself generates jugglers that wander the surrounding area. Booths are in some ways handier to place than pavilions or bandstands, as they can be placed on the bend of a road rather than a true intersection, thus cutting down on random walker variability. In order to place one, make an intersection with one tile each facing three directions, place the booth, and then delete one of the tiles facing a direction.

Booths help boost the overall entertainment value of the city, but they only provide enough entertainment to evolve basic housing; for more sophisticated housing (and a higher Culture rating), Bandstands and Pavilions must also be built.

Booths are the most basic entertainment venues available. In terms of coverage, venues for jugglers support 400 population each; booths, bandstands, and pavilions all count. Having good coverage of juggling stages grants a passive entertainment bonus to all houses, city-wide. In terms of city coverage, three juggler stages are required to service the same amount of people as dancers; about two juggler stages are required per musician stage. Booths are the most efficient way of increasing juggler stages in terms of both space and cost. 

Booths are desirable to live close to. They are prone to catching fire.

For a more detailed look of jugglers, see Entertainment.

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