Mission Info
Starting Year
2685 BC
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 10000 Db
Easy: ? Db
Normal: ? Db
Hard: ? Db
Very Hard: ? Db
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Behdet is a mission found in Pharaoh. It is the military last mission of the Archaic Period.

Briefing Edit

Egypt's military troops are now unmatched in the known world, but the new Pharaoh, Khasekhemwy of the second dynasty, now also demands a powerful navy based at Behdet. Nothing less than a fleet of warships will suffice to allow us dominion over the high seas, but timber is scarce, as our climate supports only a few sparse areas of forest. Cedar may be imported at great cost from Byblos, in the land of Lebanon to the northeast. Fortunately, exports of our native papyrus will provide a means of offsetting this expense.

Goals Edit

  • Population of 2500
  • Culture Rating of 15
  • Prosperity Rating of 20
  • Monument Rating of 11
  • Kingdom Rating of 45

Summary Edit

In this mission, you have been sent southward to Behdet to build the first navy of Egypt to defend against the Nubian attacks.

The map is small, but there's plenty of space to build the size of city expected. There is a large seam of gold to be found here and it can be mined, producing as much money as you need, without needing to resort to exports. Exports are available if you need to make use of them, but the coast line space available here is quite limited, considering all the buildings that are jockeying for position there.

Build a small community and prepare some basic industries. Pharaoh will make many requests for Pottery, as well as Beer, throughout the mission: the Pottery requests start quite early, so it should be prioritised, along with making some food and money. Invasions start late into the mission and you are given plenty of notice to prepare: remember that you must import all the wood you need from Byblos and it is very expensive, so only import a small amount to make a couple of warships. Alternatively, you can build a few Archer's Forts and use them to defeat the Nubians.

There is a monument to be built here, but you will get many gifts of Bricks from Pharaoh for fulfilling his requests on time. You can also import Bricks directly, as well as the raw materials to produce them locally. You'll need to cross the Nile if you want to consider exporting Papyrus to offset the expense, but there are other goods available that produce a good profit.

Once your city is stable, it's just a matter of waiting until the monument is completed. Note that your housing is restricted to Modest Apartment, as you cannot build Courthouses, so don't provide access to Scribal Schools as it will not improve your housing in any way.

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