Building Information
Distributes food and goods
Placement Cost
8 32 40 48 60
VE Easy Normal Hard VH
Technical Information
Risk of Fire
Risk of Damage

The Bazaar is a building type in Pharaoh.

Background Edit

The Bazaar performs the important service of receiving and distributing goods and food to housing. Each bazaar employs two buyers to obtain items (one for food and one for goods). Once the bazaar has foods and goods to distribute, traders spawn from the bazaar, benefiting any housing they walk past. As food and goods are required to evolve housing from a very early stage, bazaars are essential for almost any residential area.

Bazaars can be set to "buy" or "don't buy" goods. This is useful in controlling the level of evolution in housing blocks, to prevent unwanted population surges. It is also useful in stockpiling goods to be used for requests or exports instead of for the local population. Finally, it allows bazaars to specialize. A housing block with two bazaars, for example, can have one bazaar purchase chickpeas, pottery, and beer, while the other can purchase grain, linen, and luxury goods. This can help ensure stable housing with a steady influx of multiple goods.

Because bazaars require Granaries and Storage Yards to function properly, the closer they are placed to such buildings, the more smoothly they run. Like Water Supplies, bazaars are "upgraded" when they are in a desirable enough location, causing their walkers to spawn more quickly. Buyers only seek goods that are within 40 tiles of their bazaar's northern tile.

Bazaars are slightly undesirable to live next to. However, considering their essential role in housing upgrades, building them very close or even directly next to housing is not a bad idea, especially if their negative impact on desirability is offset by Gardens, Statues or other desirable buildings.


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