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Baki is a mission found in Pharaoh.

Briefing Edit

With the Hyksos successfully expelled from our country, our land is ripe for rebirth, a New Kingdom that outshines past glory. Most noble Pharaoh, Baki is an ideal place to begin this New Kingdom. We can use the large amount of gold found there to fund your new vision of Egypt.

While Egypt is on the brink of greatness, a few nagging problems remain. Many of Egypt's cities are still recovering from the disruptions caused by the Hyksos and may need Pharaoh's help. In other regions, Egypt's old enemies still attack us, and a new enemy, the Sea People, has been raiding our northern coast. You must be prepared to defend other Egyptian cities from our foes, both old and new.

As Egypt grows in stature, many cities are willing to engage in trade. Some of these cities are so familiar with our ways, and in awe of your power, that they consider themselves Egyptian, while others are foreign to us and are trading with us for the first time. For the glory of Egypt, take advantage of all these relationships to provide your people with all the goods they desire.

To usher in the new era, your royal architects crave the opportunity to build two pyramids and a stately mausoleum for you, O Pharaoh. These will surely reflect the wealth and grandeur you have brought to Egypt.

Goals Edit

Summary Edit

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