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Bahariya Oasis
Bahariya Oasis
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Bahariya Oasis is a mission found in Pharaoh.

Briefing Edit

The reigns of Khufu and Khafra have come to an end, and with them so too has the fourth dynasty of Egyptian ruling families. But lady Khentkaues, a distant member of this family, has given birth to a new Pharaoh named 'Userkaf', and so the royal line continues unbroken. With Userkaf begins the fifth dynasty, an era that promises much change.

Userkaf has decentralized the rule of our country somewhat, and has granted more power to local authorities. Now Nomarchs such as you are free to handle their own affairs. Pharaoh will not attempt the construction of a massive tomb to house him for eternity, for he has another project in mind for you.

Pharaoh has declared Ra, god of the sun and of the kingdom, to be King of the Gods, and intends to proclaim his sovereignty throughout the land. Many Sun Temples already dot the Egyptian landscape, but Pharaoh wishes to extend Ra's influence to the very edge of our Kingdom.

To accomplish this, you must build a fortified settlement at the Bahariya Oasis, far into the Western Desert. Use what water you can find there wisely, for what little there is to be found so far from the precious Nile is usually coveted by the wild beasts of the desert. You must also beware of attacks by Libyan warriors, and Bedouin of the desert, which have plagued the desert caravans of late. Plan your defenses carefully, and make use of whatever resources, such as wood and game, you can find at the oasis.

Goals Edit

  • 3,000 Population
  • 15 Culture Rating
  • 25 Prosperity Rating
  • 13 Monument Rating (1 Sun Temple)
  • 40 Kingdom Rating

Summary Edit

Unusually for most missions past the archaic period, there are no requests from Pharaoh or other cities on this mission. Pharaoh does send a shipment of 24 sandstone once.

A trade route to Dashur opens fairly early on in the scenario, allowing the importation of beer and barley. Price for wood and the quantity which can be sold annually increase further into the mission.

As the entry and exit points for traders are both on the east side of the map and Bahariya is heavily dependent on trade, it is prudent to build the bulk of the city (or at least the industries) on the east side of the map. Otherwise, traders have to walk so far that often the city won't be able to access all the trade volume it needs to function.

Libyans and Bedouins attack from the south-west corner, the west, the north-west, and the north-east. The attacks are initially very small, but increase in force over time. On higher difficulties, they can be very dangerous and it may be prudent to erect walls and towers to defend the city.

Economic AnalysisEdit

Bahariya Oasis presents many opportunities for exports. Wood is fairly abundant and can be sold. Although wood is the only raw material that may be produced, a variety of finished products may be made from imported goods and sold, including (in order of profitability): papyrus, linen, beer, bricks, pottery, and jewelry.

Probably the largest constraint for the mission is the large amount of sandstone that must be purchased. This is particularly problematic if multiple trade routes are opened, additional products are purchased from _____, and/or if the accepting storage yards are placed inconveniently far from the entrance and exit points.

Housing evolution is limited to spacious manors as only two gods may be worshiped; as such, there is no purpose to constructing libraries. Only game meat may be produced locally, although ranch meat and grain may be imported.

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