This is the article on the final mission called Alexandria. If you are looking for the article on the similarly named missions, see Alexandria.

Cleopatra's Alexandria
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Alexandria is a mission found in Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile.

Briefing Edit

Caesar's bloody death at the points of assassins' daggers cast the Roman world into turmoil and has driven you, our Pharaoh, Cleopatra VII, into grief and mourning. Gone is your lover, mentor, confidant and powerful ally. Octavian, his teen-aged adopted great-nephew, has been named as heir but the more experienced Mark Antony, previously a consul to Caesar, has become the nominal head of state, somewhat to the ire of the young Octavian. Not surprisingly, Caesar's will made no mention of your son by him, Ptolemy Caesar, popularly known as Caesarion. Desiring safety for yourself and your child and, as always, seeking to preserve the power of Egypt, you have departed Rome for Alexandria.

Despite all the leagues between Rome and yourself, you cannot leave behind all of its internecine squabbles. Powerful men still vie for power - your support and the access to the riches of Egypt would be a great asset to any faction. For you to back a winner in this power struggle is critical; siding with the loser could easily result in the end of Egypt. The dramatic showdown between the rival Roman factions recently occurred at Philippi where Mark Antony's Caesarians decisively beat the forces of Brutus and Cassius. Antony, Octavian and Lipidus have now carved up the empire for joint rule, with Antony claiming the eastern portion, which includes Egypt.

Not long after the battle, Mark Antony summoned you to join him at Tarsus in Asia Minor, so that you might better explain why you had been slow to cast your lot with the Caesarians. Not one to be summoned like a lapdog, you wisely declined to respond. After all, you know better than most that it is much better to see a Roman under your own terms and conditions, not his!

Thus you, Pharaoh Cleopatra, have returned home to Alexandria, to Egypt. It is now time to expand the glory of this magnificent city, founded by the Great Alexander whose tomb is still frequented by visitors. Alexandria's renowned Great Library continues to attract scholars from all over the world; the bright beacon of the wondrous Pharos Lighthouse still burns so that seafarers can safely make their way through the treacherous waters of the harbor. Now you can further enrich the beauty of the city by constructing the expansive Caesareum in honor of your former lover and your young son. Additionally, ensure your own successful passage into the afterlife by building another mausoleum so that you can be duly worshipped after your journey into the Field of Reeds.

The next time Mark Antony calls for you, perhaps he will employ a bit more tact?

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