This is the article on the second mission called Alexandria. If you are looking for the article on the similarly named missions, see Alexandria.

Ptolemy's Alexandria
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Alexandria is a mission found in Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile.

Briefing Edit

The legacy of Alexander the Great lives on in our proud city. Even though his mortal remains rest in Alexandria's Mausoleum, his great city continues to thrive. It is up to you, Ptolemy I Soter, to carry on with the job the noble Alexander began. Since its founding by Alexander barely 30 years ago, the city has become a powerful commercial hub, supplying much-needed foodstuffs and items of luxury to much of the surrounding area. To further its economic progress and to ensure safe passage of the many ships entering the great harbor, you should construct a massive Lighthouse on Pharos Island, near the mouth of the harbor. This structure's beacon of light will guide distant seafarers safely into the harbor, ensuring that they do not founder on its tricky shoals.

Important as commerce is, however, you cannot ignore the cultural and intellectual advancement of our society. Under your leadership Alexandria can now become the intellectual capital of the known world as well. Gather works of knowledge from near and far, and build a great Library in which to keep them. As sure as ants are attracted to honey, learned scholars from all over will journey to this unrivaled center of knowledge and learning.

To build these great monuments you will need to import a building material, such as white marble, that will be suitable for such great structures. Enkomi, on the island of Cyprus, is a good source for this material.

Lastly, do not ignore your military. There always seems to be unrest in one place or another. It might be necessary to dispatch troops to distant frontiers to protect Egypt's interests and defend her honor.

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