This is the article on the first mission called Alexandria. If you are looking for the article on the similarly named missions, see Alexandria.

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Alexandria is a mission found in Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile.

Briefing Edit

The great Alexander, son of Phillip II of Macedon and scourge of the Babylonian Empire, blessed the lands of Egypt with his presence. With his coming, the final corrupt Persian satrap has hastily fled. After sacrificing to the Apis bull at Memphis, Alexander has been accepted as Pharaoh. All the people rejoice! Before setting off on his journey to the Oracle of Amun in the Siwi Oasis, however, our leader decided to found a new city, one that he wishes to someday be the capital of his vast and expanding empire. In his infinite wisdom, he has appointed you to be this future city's first mayor!

The great Alexander has bestowed upon you a generous endowment of funds from which to begin construction, and has given you the services of the esteemed Greek architect Dinocrates. In a mere dozen years he expects you to have the commercial, cultural and military might of his city developed to high standards, as he has vowed to return.

Our leader has even taken the time to trace the positions of the two main thoroughfares of his city. The Canopic Street runs along an east-west axis; the other main avenue is perpendicular to it and heads inland from Cape Lochias southward toward Lake Mariut.

As trusted overseer of this project, you should quickly build port facilities and establish lucrative trade routes. There should be many customers for our products, especially wheat, barley, papyrus and linen. Do not neglect the cultural aspects of this city, nor its military, however, as there are still roaming vandals that wish to rob Egypt of her wealth.

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