This is the article on the mission in Pharaoh. If you are looking for the article on the similarly named mission in Children of the Nile, see Abu.

Mission Info
Starting Year
2650 BC
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 18000 Db
Easy: 9000 Db
Normal: 9000 Db
Hard: 9000 Db
Very Hard: ? Db
Mission Navigation

Abu is a mission found in Pharaoh. It is the peaceful first mission of the Old Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

A new Pharaoh, Nebka, has been proclaimed, heralding the beginning of the third dynasty of Egyptian rulers. Nebka has brought great organization and structure to Egypt, ordering that all our realm be divided into districts, or nomes, each governed by a local ruler called a 'Nomarch'. Though this system may seem rigid, under his leadership Egypt has grown and prospered, and made many great achievements in art and architecture.

Pharaoh wishes to extend the borders of our realm further south, into Nubia. He orders that a city be founded at the first cataract of the Nile, on the island of Abu, that we may take advantage of the abundant deposits of gemstones, granite and sandstone to be found there.

The growing necropolis of Abjedu demands these materials for the creation of more and more elaborate tombs for the nobility. The capital at Men-nefer, too, may have need of bricks for the construction of tombs, and Pharaoh Nebka may approve requests for these and other building materials.

Pharaoh Nebka has also ordered that one of your peers establish a military post at the Selima Oasis, to secure the caravan routes into the African interior. Once it has been established, you may look to the Selima outpost as a source of imported ebony, a highly prized luxury good.

Goals Edit

  • 4000 Population
  • 30 Culture Rating
  • 30 Prosperity Rating
  • 50 Kingdom Rating

Summary Edit

In the first mission of the Old Kingdom, you have been sent to the first cataract of the Nile to establish a large city that can take advantage of the local resources.

As stated in the mission briefing, Abu is an island, so you'll need to colonise the large landmass in the center of the map. The large portion of your city will be located here, as the narrow strips of land on each side of the map area are too small to be colonised for a settlement. However, you need to use Ferry Landings to reach these points, since the entry and exit points are on the Eastern landmass, with all the rock you need on the Western landmass.

You'll need to colonise the Western landmass fairly quickly, for requests will come your way in the form of stone and gems, as well as other commodities. Due to the location of the flood plain, your trading operations must also be near this rocky outcrop to make a healthy profit.

The central island will have more than enough space to house the bulk of your city. You may need to expand to the Eastern landmass for additional flood plain space, as the flood plain on the central island is not big enough for all the farms needed. There are some other requests, such as a request for troops to Abedju, but this doesn't occur until a long time into the mission, by which point you will have already completed anyway. If you are struggling to export enough, consider the Temple Complex to Ptah to improve usage of goods in buildings.

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