A Village Is Born
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Mission Info
Starting Year
340 BC
Starting Funds
Very Easy: ? Denarii
Easy: 2000 Denarii
Normal: 2000 Denarii
Hard: 2000 Denarii
Very Hard: ? Denarii
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Mission 01 is a mission found in Caesar 3 and serves as a basic tutorial mission.

Briefing Edit

Let your governorial training begin!

First, you must learn the basics of constructing Roman settlements. Build areas of housing, and you'll soon see people move in to your city.

You can click and drag the mouse to build lengths of path at once. Plan paths carefully, with as few intersections as possible, to ensure people will walk where you want them to. At every intersection, walkers must choose which way to go. Each intersection lessens your control over their actual routes.

Goals Edit

  • Population of 150

Summary Edit

This mission serves to teach the very basics of playing the game. Simply clear some trees and place some housing and watch people move.

To progress the mission, wait until a house catches fire to place a Prefecture. When the Prefecture collapses, place an Engineer's Post. Eventually, access to Religious buildings and the Senate will be made available, which can be used to soak up unemployment.

Eventually, the game will stop barring the entry of new immigrants and the mission will be won when the target population has been reached, but don't forget to build a Well to evolve housing above "Small Tent".

Take note of the coloured posts at the map edges: these determine the entry and exit point of immigrants. This will be important for future missions.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only mission in the game which has no city name disclosed in any game files.
  • When a campaign is started, the game automatically sets the difficulty mode to Hard. As this is not explicitly stated by the game, the player should lower the difficulty if they do not wish to play on this difficulty.

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